It’s beautiful when it all pans out.
— Drai East

An American singer and songwriter, Drai East was born on June 18, 1987. One of three siblings, he grew up in Augusta , GA with a musical background with his father and uncle performing for one of the most prominent and legendary bands in the city.

He attended college at Grambling State University, Louisiana and was recruited as a walk-on for football with promises to earn a scholarship. When that promise fell through he transferred to Georgia Southern University where he attended for a year until he ran into some trouble. He then dropped out and started to focus back on his music. 

With dark clouds steadily hanging over his head from the trouble that was following him along with those hard times his family endured, he put those experiences down on paper, and as a result, has written and recorded over 140 unreleased songs chronicling those life experiences.


Diagnosed with Renal Cancer at the age of 27 was the final push for him. He then decided to look at life in a completely different perspective and now takes advantage of every opportunity that he has to pursue his career as an artist.

After a successful surgery to remove the cancer he has dedicated his life to his music and educating people on the importance of health awareness and cancer prevention research. 

His musical style is reminiscent of 90s r&b with a mix of down south hip-hop. He has stated that he has been influenced by Z-Ro, Master P, and UGK because of their raw lyrics and life experiences. 
He prides himself in writing his own music to tell his story to bring his listeners closer to him.

Photographs featuring Fredo Castillo